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  • What’s in My Cup!?
    This is my cup

    As I navigate throughout my daily life I’m often asked the same question, usually by those who aren’t into the loose leaf lifestyle.

    what kind of tea do you drink.”

    And to my delight, I answer as mischievously as one possibly can when put on the spot. I slowly turn to face them, slightly squinting then pause. After a few seconds of anxiety building silence I offer them the key to the contents of my cup.

    “Are you sure you want to know?”

    My theatrics aren’t ever needed but it makes me feel more interesting of a person. Plus the thought of introducing someone to such a benevolent way of life is an honor in itself. When they’re asked how they discovered loose leaf love and they reminisce that unnecessary but memorable moment after asking me is priceless.


  • Reflect


    My thoughts exhibit 
    The life I have been leading
    Water reflects clouds.

  • A Presumed Paradox

    A Presumed Paradox

    Ink spills as I find time to kill. While lost in thoughtful rambles I abruptly come to a halt.

    Do I have time to kill when in fact I’m terrified of my own demise?”

    While locking eyes with self as my reflection stares back at me. I finalize on the thought of how I’ve spent my only currency.

    Wasteful, distasteful acts of wrath and sloth or laying lustfully in a broken woman’s company. Dreading the workday and pretending to prepare for the day the reaper comes for me.

    Is it an oxymoron to call it “bittersweet” or am I just a moron who frolics through life lazily.

  • What a Life

    What a Life

    Truth isn't pretty
    Sunrays don't help depressed days
    What a life.

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